The Wedding Ceremony

“There is no “right way” to do a Wedding Ceremony!”

This is your Wedding, so please take the creative freedom you need.

Together, we will craft an enchanted wedding ceremony for you.

The Ceremony is usually 15-20 minutes long. We can do your Ceremony in any setting you can think of.

At our Planning Meeting I offer you a Sample wedding Ceremony Order. I take notes about any ideas that you already have and I share with you, new twists and novel ideas that I see in weddings today.

We try to treat this time as a brainstorming session, where no idea is “bad.” We remind ourselves that none of this has to be decided, until the month of your wedding.

The Ceremony should reflect your unique tastes, interests and beliefs, not mine. One couple met while playing Billiards and is considering racking Billiard Balls, as part of their Unity Symbol!

I am a Pastor, but I truly respect the fact that your world views may be completely different. So, I make every effort to serve you in the way you need me to serve you.