Sound for Your Ceremony

Do you know if your Venue’s Sound System is adequate to serve a group your size?

Usually, the Bride and Groom work together with the Venue and their DJ, to arrange for a professional sound reinforcement, at both their Ceremony and their Reception.

Occasionally though, the DJ or Venue are not adequately equipped to place Speakers where you need them. Or, the DJ does not realize you wanted Speakers for the Ceremony too.

I am able to bring a small, professional Sound system for your Ceremony, for an extra $50.

Best of all, we will place it exactly where it should go 🙂

Here is a question to ponder: Where are the Speakers, at a Concert?

The Speaker in the Photo above, at Tom and Kryssa Washick’s wedding, is behind the Best Man, slightly above the Groomsmen’s shoulders. That way the sound does not get lost, muffled into bodies. Placing Speakers behind the audience creates a Time-delay between what you and your front-row Guests hear, standing next to me and the sound arriving .4 seconds behind you. The two Sound sources arriving at different times is called being “Out of Phase” or Flanging and it takes away the clarity and detail of what you want your guests to hear.

Placing a Speaker behind the Bride & Groom and 8′ to the left or right of Center, gives you perfect “Presence,” at a reasonable Volume level.

Some additional questions to consider…

-Will it be important to you, that your Guests in the rear seats are able to hear what is said?

– Do you want people to hear your Vows, your Ring Vows, the Bride’s Father & Mother say “We Do!” (at the Giving of the Bride), the Prayers, the Officiant (in a conversational tone)?

If people can’t hear, they tune out and become bored within a very short time.

Ask me about Professional Sound Reinforcement for your Wedding.

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