Spiritual vs. Religious

Spiritual or Religious?

We want your Wedding to have integrity and represent who you are, at this time of your life.

Many people have had bad experiences with the Church, but haven’t given up on God.

Sometimes, people are in a transition period and have not found a faith or Church that feels like home.

Couples often want to honor the faith of their families, though not being able to believe themselves.

Often, couples are trying to bridge two very different faith backgrounds, but want to see their traditions honored. Sometimes there is a need to bridge faith and no faith.

Finding this delicate balance in a Wedding Ceremony can be challenging.

“Spiritual” can be defined in many different ways. Spiritual may be your ideas and feelings about what love is and how we live and love others, in this world.

Religion may try to help people be spiritual, but is often crippled by Institutional bias, needs and human frailty.

I will take your spiritual convictions seriously and preside in a way that respects who you are and who you are trying to become.

Your Ceremony should reflect your unique tastes, interests and beliefs, not mine.

I am a Pastor, but I respect the fact that our world views may be completely different. So, I make every effort to serve you in the way you need me to serve you.

One couple met while playing Billiards and is considering racking Billiard Balls, as part of their Unity Symbol!

I will be one of the Pastors in your life, if you don’t have a Pastor right now.

I will try my best to serve you, while you are searching for a spiritual home and be available in the years ahead.


“There is no “right way” to do a Wedding Ceremony!” but it should reflect who you are.


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