Wedding Planning Post

I had a couple of great Wedding Planning meetings yesterday!

Rob Candos and Kelly Coleman stopped in first, then Louie Zervos and his future bride, Karas Albrecht.

Rob proposed in Italy (OK, Italy at Epcot Center!)  Rob and  Kelly are getting married at the Patrick Healy Mansion, in Joliet.

Louie (AKA Elias, popped the question in a horse drawn Carriage, in Chicago. People on the side walks actually clapped! Louie and Karas are going to make it official at the Odyssey, near the Water.

Both couples were a LOT of fun and getting married next summer and next Fall.

Rob is the fastest Texter I’ve ever met. He sends a Reply, before I send the Text.

Louie set a world Record for number emails exchanged, in the days leading up to the Planning Meeting (36)!

I am excited to team up with you and help create an enchanted Wedding celebration!

Pastor Rich