Prior to Rehearsal

Between the initial Planning Meeting and your Rehearsal

Typically, there is an ongoing conversation of emails or phone calls, between our first face-to-face meeting and your Wedding!

As your wedding day draws near, I will ask you to email me an amended version of the Ceremony Order, which we preview at our initial Planning Meeting. If you plan to print a wedding Program or bulletin, you would email me your final Order, with any extra details * that might not be printed.

Knowing your specific ideas and preferences, a week before your wedding, allows me to prepare, so your rehearsal runs smoothly.

Some questions are often left unanswered until we are actually in your wedding space. I can function with a high degree of uncertainty, so don’t feel like everything must be in stone, in advance. That’s one of the reasons we have Rehearsals!

If you hire a Day-Of Coordinator, we can work together on this. Usually they help organize your Bridal Party and Family members, before they enter the Room.

* * Extra Details might include:

  • Will there be a Unity symbol?
  • Will a representative from each Family bring in the Unity Symbol?
  • Who will escort Grand parents and parents?
  • Will the entrance of the Groom signal the start of the wedding?
  • Will Men escort the women?
  • Which Readings have you selected? Who will read?
  • Which Last Name have you decided upon, for the final announcement?
  • Are you releasing Bubbles, Balloons, Birds, Baboons or any other fun things, at the Recessional?!

Knowing your wishes will help me conduct your Rehearsal smoothly and with efficiency ☺

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