Wedding Packages

Offering Wedding Packages in DuPage County, Kane County and Cook County, Grundy County, Will County, McHenry County, Stephenson County, Ogle County Illinois

My Premium service includes a Planning Meeting and a Rehearsal to prepare for your Wedding, for $995.

If you don’t need a Planning Meeting or rehearsal, that’s absolutely fine. I will give you the same attention to detail and care, no matter which services you request.

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer on wedding preparation, we can use some questionnaires to help me prepare and personalize your wedding, for $895.

If you are ready to start your Wedding planning, I’d love to team up with you 🙂

My typical process is to meet with the couple over coffee, talk about the Ceremony and learn a bit about you and your relationship. That helps me make your ceremony more personalized.

Frequently, we can coordinate this meeting close to you, when I am already in your neighborhood or zoom is just fine.

Some pastors require a series of pre-marital sessions, but I do not. I’ve found that couples just appreciate a chance to think & talk about your strengths and areas you want to grow in, as a person and in relationships. Couples often tell me it’s helpful and fun! I have found that we can accomplish a lot in one, good Planning Meeting.

I’m happy to set up an initial Phone Introduction, if you’d like a chance to confirm that it feels like a good fit / vibe. I can send you an agreement to look over after that call / zoom, if you wish. if you decide you’d like me to hold your wedding date for you, I ask that you mail me a deposit before our get-together ie the Planning Meeting. I ask that you please bring the balance of payment and your Marriage License to your Rehearsal (or Ceremony, if you’re not having a Rehearsal).

For more thoughts on Rehearsals, feel free to read up under the Services Tab at:

There are also 3 drop down Tabs, next to Rehearsals, with Out-of-the-Box ideas about preparing for your Wedding.

Please feel free to call or email me with any follow up questions.

Yours truly,

Pastor Rich Rubietta

847. 363. 5737 m

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