Why Choose Pastor Rich?

Q: How do you find someone you can trust, with such an important moment in your life?

A: It helps if you can find someone who feels called to do this.

While Pastor Rich has been a local church pastor in suburban, urban, small town and rural settings, he now sees the world as his parish. If this sounds presumptuous, here’s an explanation.

Actually, that is line borrowed from John Wesley, the great social and religious Reformer who brought the church out of the Sanctuary and into the places where people live, work, celebrate and suffer.

Translated, this simply means that God has called some people like Pastor Rich, to embrace a “congregation” that is beyond the walls of any building, made with human hands.

Each week, this pastor is in Churches and Schools, Catholic and Protestant, helping people connect and reconnect with the God of grace.

Couples and their families stay in touch with Pastor Rich, as he becomes one of the Pastors in their life, calling upon him in times of celebration and even times of grief.

At this important juncture of your life, you can make a new friend who will help facilitate a meaningful spiritual experience for you.

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